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Selling a Home

To make your home selling process easier, we recommend thoughtful consideration of these points before you embark on the journey.

  • Why are you selling your home? Downsizing, Upsizing, Retiring or Job Related?
  • What is your ideal timeframe? Are you in a position to be flexible?
  • Have you discussed the financial and tax repercussions of a potential sale with your accountant and/or tax advisor?
  • Will your home need minor or major repairs to get it into the best shape for a sale?
  • Do you plan on staging your home?
  • Are you prepared to move out of the home during the sales process, or do you want to buy before you sell? 

Interested in learning about the home selling process? Download the Sereno Seller’s Guide.

Sereno Sellers Guide

Interested in learning about the escrow process and title insurance? Download the California Home Buyers & Sellers Handbook.

California Home Buyers and Sellers Handbook